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Your Northern Virginia Roof and High Winds

Northern Virginia is experiencing very high winds over the last few days. As this article from Fox 5 News attest, “Winds have taken their toll in Northern Virginia, where Dominion Energy reports hundreds were without power Sunday night.”

So what kind of effect do these high winds have on the roof of your home?

Heavy winds don’t affect your roof evenly. In fact, most wind damage on your roof will start at the edges because the wind pressure is much stronger on the perimeter and weaker towards the center. As wind exerts pressure on your roof, the shingles may start to lift, separate and/or split apart. In some cases, shingles will fly off your roof, leaving your roof exposed to the elements. Missing shingles is a sure sign you are ready for a full roof replacement, and you don’t want to put it off! Even small exterior damages can cause huge problems for the interior of your home.

Wind can also carry debris onto roofs, including dirt, leaves, tree branches, glass, and other items. Any kind of debris can be damaging. Heavy winds can cause tree branches to puncture the roofing material, and dirt and leaves may seem harmless, but if they end up in gutters and downspouts, they can cause clogs. If this happens, water won’t be able to drain properly, and gutters will overflow. Overflowing gutters can then weaken the foundation of your home or get under your roofing materials and cause leaks.

As Vertex Roofing stated in this blog post here are certain specific things to look on your roof to see what kind of damage high winds have done. We feel it is time to share that information again since Northern Virginia is experiencing high winds.

Pay attention to details and keep a lookout for anything that seems amiss. In particular, we recommend looking for these 10 things:

1. Missing or loose roofing tiles or roofing shingles

2. Missing or loose ridge caps and vents

3. Dislodged, loose or clogged gutters

4. Debris that has been blown onto the roof or damaged tree limbs that could possibly fall on the roof and cause future damage

5. Check vent covers to ensure that nothing has been blown off or damaged

6. Inspect skylights and/or solar tubes to ensure they’re not cracked from falling or blown debris

7. Check the attic space for any telltale signs of roof damage, such as daylight shining through

8. Inspect any roof-mounted AC units to ensure no damage was done to the unit or its water lines from flying debris

9. If you have solar panels mounted on your roof, check them for damage and remove any accumulated debris that may shade them, diminishing power output

10. If your home features a flat roof, make sure all your roof drains are free and clear of any debris that may have blown into them.

If you notice any of the above issues with your Northern Virginia roof it very well may mean you will need a roof replacement. But let the roofing experts at Vertex Roofing help you decide. Call today to set up an appointment for your free roof inspection.

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